Have you ever considered the benefits of open connectivity for tours, activities and attractions?

Recently at Globick we have become involved with a not-for-profit organization called OCTO that has been set up to achieve just that. 

The objective of OCTO is simple: to help tours and attraction operators, distributors of tours, activities, attractions and experiences – plus technology providers to the sector – connect more efficiently.

In order to achieve this OCTO defines and certifies technical messaging standards for technology and software serving the industry – hoping to advance the adoption of those standards through its network of industry participants. 

Behind the organization are some of the tours, activities and attraction industry’s leading figures, including Olivier Morgan, Oskar Bruening, Douglas Quinby, Christian Watts, Stephen Joyce, Chris Neal, Menno Bieringa and many others. 

What role is Globick playing? We’ve joined OCTO as a technology member of the organization. We’re 100% bought into the idea so as to give better times to market, clarity and security for all the stakeholders. 

As part of our involvement we’ve decided to implement the standard in its most advanced format for all our future integrations. We want to be a leader in championing this change. We will participate actively in its development, bringing our experience to bear and contributing to the future forums and debates. 

Want to find out more about how to get involved? Click here to sign-up:  https://www.octo.travel/take-action

Xavier Boixeda