Yes! Our platform can be set up as a connectivity Hub as well, so you can sell our product catalog at our pre-contracted rate plus all your directly contracted products with your operators, using the same API connection

After the order has been confirmed clients will be able to retrieve vouchers/tickets via the API instantly. These vouchers/tickets will include operator contact details, pick-up/start details, barcode or QR code if provided by the operator and any other important information that the traveler may need.

The Globick Catalog is conceptualised for clients who DO NOT have existing relationships with operators. It enables our clients to rapidly start to sell products from the Globick Catalog, all with centralised rates and pre-negotiated commission rates. Globick takes care of operator relationships and payments, and the client only needs to focus on promoting our competitive catalog and scale the sales. On the other hand, our Connectivity model is designed for clients who already have existing relationships with operators. Under this model, the client mantains their negotiated pricing and payment terms with the operator. Client makes profits from their signed agreement with the operator, and payments are made directly with the client and operator. Under this model, our IT team connects the client to their preferred operators without the effort of building, maintaining and coordinating multiple API integrations.

Yes, indeed. It’s a common practice from our clients to start working with the Globick Catalog, and then close direct agreements with operators for those high-volume products using Globick as a Connectivity hub. With regards to the the technology, it’s completely transparent as you can operate the 2 models simultaneously with a single API integration.