Globick is the name behind a technological platform created with the vision of connecting to an extensive and international catalog of ticketing, tours & activities managed by global and local operators.


A hub platform that provides seamless access to the global and local suppliers you want to connect with.

We are conscious that having a simple and unique gateway to attractions, tours & activities can make your business stronger and IT scalable. That is why we have created "Connectivity", the perfect fit for those clients aiming to automate their business operations with third parties and maintain their commercial agreements with operators.

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Effortless API
1 simple API connects your business to multiple sources.
Your Rates
Your commercial T&Cs with operators are respected.
Real time inventory and pricing ensure you buy what you see.
Instant Delivery
e-vouchers/e-tickets are immediately delivered right after purchase.


An extensive and unique product catalog of attractions, tours & activities ready to be distributed.

It is not an easy job to choose the right product catalog when selling attractions, tours & activities. Once it is decided, it then requires a lot of time to find the most appropriate operators and IT investments. Globick accelerates this sourcing process by rapidly providing a highly competitive "Catalog" in terms of product range and conditions. Globick can also work in a hybrid mode for those clients who want to keep working with their own catalog by running our "Connectivity" and Globick "Catalog" features at the same time.

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Wide spectrum of experiences in our catalog.
Global/Local operators
All Globick products are managed by local/global operators.
Special Products
Exclusive, on-demand and adapted.
Content available in different languages.


An add-on functionality that recommends best-fit products to your clients to maximize sales conversion.

Increasing ancillary revenues from ticketing, tours & activities is a shared objective for all our clients, and it is not only about having the right products available. "Conversion" goes beyond this by using AI/ML algorithm and technologies to intelligently recommend the right products at the right time, and to the right person.

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Up/Cross selling
An hybrid recommendation engine will propose best-fit product offering
Data Monetization
By matching products with your existing client database profiling
Quick Integration
In just a few hours, the Globick widget can be up and running on your website.
Machine Learning
The more the recommendation engine is used, the more effective will be.


No…Globick acts as a pure gateway and does not operate the products you see in its Catalog. But, Globick is accountable for delivery and support.

It’s simple. Globick goes beyond offering typical travel products as clients seek unforgettable in-destination experiences (e.g. football match Barça vs Real Madrid, Shakira concert…). That is why Globick propose an offer that aims to cover a wider spectrum of experiences, which need to be categorised and properly proposed to travelers.

Yes, indeed. It’s a common practice from our clients to start working with the Globick Catalog, and then close direct agreements with operators for those high-volume products using Globick as a Connectivity hub. With regards to the the technology, it’s completely transparent as you can operate the 2 models simultaneously with a single API integration.